New Patient Registration

Non-urgent advice: Patient Notice

Due to issues with capacity – we are currently unable to accept registrations from patients who are already registered with a GP practice in the Hertford area.

We will continue to accept registrations from patients who have newly moved to the area.

How to Register

To register a new patient you will need to live within our practice boundary.

If you would like to register with the practice please use the form linked below; please also complete a new form for any child you are registering under the age of 16 years.

Alternatively a form can be obtained from our reception.

Once you have completed the form you will need to come into the practice with one proof of ID and one proof of address, i.e. utility bill/bank statement dated within 4 weeks to complete your registration; please allow at least two working days for us to process this form before presenting at the practice with your documents.

If you do not present yourself at the surgery with ID and proof of address within 28 days of submitting the form it will be destroyed and the process will have to start over.

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for your registration to be processed from the date you present to the practice with your ID. Until you are fully registered with us your existing practice is responsible for your care.

Practice Boundary

Catchment Area

Students Returning from University

Students are required to register with a local GP to the university when they leave to study away from home, their medical records are sent from Hanscombe House Surgery electronically and by hard copy to the new medical practice; the transfer process can take up to six weeks.

Should they require an appointment here during holidays or weekends they are re-registered as a temporary resident. This enables them to access a full medical service the same as a permanent patient. However, the GP here will not have the most up to date information as we do not hold their medical records anymore so it’s very helpful if a copy of medication, consultations and referrals at the new practice can be brought along to the appointment. Any consultations conducted here are then sent to the patients registered GP to keep their medical records up to date.

Students are welcome to re-register here when they return home on a permanent basis.