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Primary Care Access Recovery Plan – What it Means for you

The NHS and Department of Health and Social Care have recently published their delivery plan for recovering access to Primary Care. This builds on work we are already doing but further sets out how the NHS will make it easier and more convenient for patients to get the help they need from primary care services. Primary Care is more than just General Practice, so we are working with other local health organisations on this.

It will take time to safely make all the changes in the plan and we ask you to support as we continue on our journey of improvement.

As always, we are committed to providing the very best care that we can within our given resources. Unfortunately, the demand on our services frequently exceeds the available capacity we have in our practice.

Supporting us to do this is helpful, such as using online services where you can. Also, it is important to note that if you contact us online or via the phone you will be triaged by our practice front line reception team in order for you to be seen by the most appropriate profession within the GP practice.

For further information on the national plan visit the NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex ICB website, they are the organisation responsible for commissioning local health services.