Stanstead Abbotts Proposed Closure Of Branch Surgery

As a registered patient of Dolphin House Surgery, we are writing to you and your family in connection with the proposed permanent closure of our branch surgery in Stanstead Abbotts. This surgery has been temporarily closed since March 2020 as the premises were unable to accommodate the stricter infection control measures and social distancing required at the start of the pandemic.

We have provided a limited service from this surgery for several years, serving only the patients who live in Stanstead Abbotts. The hours of opening were weekdays 0800-1145. The lease for this premises expires on 22nd June of this year and the partners have made the decision not to renew the lease as we feel that re-opening this surgery is not a viable option.

As you may be aware, we moved into a purpose-built health centre in the middle of Ware town in May 2021. This is a fantastic building from which we feel we can provide the best service that our patient population deserve in a Covid secure environment.  We fully understand and appreciate that this is a big change for patients who have been used to seeing our doctors and nurses in Stanstead Abbotts however, they have already been unable to do so for two years, which is why we feel that now is the time to permanently withdraw that service. We have not received any complaints over the temporary closure from patients who would have attended the branch surgery, being unable to make an appointment at the main premises in Ware.

If you are a patient living in Stanstead Abbotts, you do not have to do anything, and we will continue to visit housebound patients in Stanstead Abbotts if they are unable to get to the Surgery in Ware.

Thank you for your understanding, should you require any further information, you can contact us via our website

Dolphin House Surgery