Changes to Ordering Repeat Medication – 21st July 2021

In consultation with our Patient Participation Group, recent changes have been made to the way our patients can order their repeat medication. Please read below our reasons for doing this and how this may affect you.

The changes are to streamline our services and to make the ordering process more safe, secure and easily auditable.

As a result of patient feedback received over recent months whereby the Practice was unable to trace prescription requests that patients say they had sent to us by email or via our dashboard, we reviewed our medication ordering systems. The outcome of this was to reduce the number of ways a patient can order their medication and to make our systems more robust. In doing so, to ensure the Practice still provides a good service to our patients in providing various options and without disadvantage to any patients who may not wish or be able to use the NHS App or SystmOnline (medication requests received the latter two ways automatically appear in the clinical system for processing), patients are still able to request medication via the pharmacy of their choice, by post to us (by sending or hand delivery), via the NHS App or SystmOnline. For the reasons explained, we no longer accept medication requests by email or via our surgery dashboard. If you do email a request, your initial request will be honoured (up until 31st July) and you will be sent a standard response informing you of the actions you will need to take.

The NHS App is being promoted nationally for patients who wish to make use of it as a COVID Passport as well as being able to offer other valued NHS services.