Private Services

Non NHS Services

The NHS does not cover medical examinations for insurance purposes, pre-employment, certain driving licences, fitness to travel or participate in some sports. Neither does it cover “To Whom it may Concern letters”. Please ask the receptionist for details of our comprehensive list of private fees and make a special appointment, if required.

Certificates other than the standard DSS certificates will incur a fee. This also applies to reports and forms to private medical/insurance companies.

Private Referral Letters

If you are seeing a Consultant privately you may need to contact your insurance company to check whether you are covered for the procedure. Details of private hospital can be obtained from the secretaries otherwise your insurance company can provide you with this information.

Private referrals do not take priority over NHS referrals, therefore, please allow 5-7 working days after speaking to the secretary with the information regarding who you are seeing and where or whether it is an open referral, so that the doctor can dictate the letter and for the letter to then be typed. Appointments made within the 5 days will have to be collected at a later date.

NB Most consultant’s do not need to see a referral letter. A letter is usually only needed for the insurance company.

A private referral can be requested by econsult, via our website or by speaking to our secretaries.

If you would like to contact the secretaries please call the main telephone number and then option 4, then 2 for referral.