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Our Practice Charter


Help Us To Help You

  • Please let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number.
  • Please do everything you can to keep appointments. Tell us as soon as possible if you cannot, otherwise other patients may have to wait longer.
  • We need help too. Please ask for home visits by the doctor only when the person is too ill to visit the surgery.
  • Please keep your phone call brief and avoid calling during the peak morning time for non-urgent matters.
  • Test results take time to reach us, so please do not ring before you have been asked to do so. Enquiries about tests ordered by the hospital should be directed to the hospital, not the practice.
  • We ask that you treat the doctors and practice staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Please read our practice booklet. This will help you to get the best out of the services we offer. It is important that you understand the information given to you. Please ask us questions if you are unsure of anything.
  • Remember, you are responsible for your own health and the health of your children. We will give you our professional help and advice. Please act upon it.
  • Please ask if you wish to see your doctor.

Freedom of Information – Publication Scheme


The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available.


Zero Tolerance - Violence & Abuse


The practice will not tolerate violence or abuse from patients. Violence against practice staff is a crime and we will press for the maximum possible penalty for anyone who behaves in a violent or abusive way. Patients who are violent or abusive will be removed from the practice list.




Important Information About YOUR Information


Shortly after you register with the practice we will receive your NHS medical record from your previous doctor. This will be updated to record any healthcare you receive while with us and then be sent to your next GP if you leave. In the past these records were on paper/card but increasingly they are held on computer. At Hanscombe House all new information about you is now recorded on the computer.


All NHS staff have a duty to keep your personal information confidential. You have the right to confidentiality and to know the circumstances in which we would share this information with others. You also have the right to decide whether your information can be disclosed or used in particular ways.


At Hanscombe House we take various steps to protect confidentiality. For instance we only give test results to the person concerned or their parent, if a child. If you want someone else to be given your results please arrange this with us in advance.


Young people of 16 or over can consent to treatment themselves and are entitled to the same duty of confidentiality as adults. Those under 16 who have the capacity and understanding to take decisions about their own treatment are also entitled to make decisions about the use and disclosure of information they have provided in confidence.


We will use information about you in the course of providing you with healthcare. For instance when we write to refer you to a specialist we will include information on relevant past medical history and the medication you take. Other health professionals who care for you, such as district nurses and health visitors, will also be able to see your medical record. If you need social services we will discuss this with you and will tell them what they need to know in order to provide you with appropriate care.


We will also use your records to ensure that we are continually improving our service to all the patients registered with us. This is called 'clinical audit' and involves measuring the care we provide and comparing it to national standards, guidelines etc. This is done by practice staff and occasionally by pharmacists from the Primary Care Trust working in the practice on our behalf.


Most NHS management is done using total numbers and other anonymised information but personal information is sometimes needed such as for the recall systems for children's immunisations and cervical smears. If you suffer a side effect of a new medication we will report this in a partially anonymised form. The NHS keeps records about certain conditions such as cancer and if you have received treatment for such a condition we will be asked to update a central register on your progress, also in a partially anonymised form.


Where information about you is requested for purposes other than healthcare eg research, insurance or legal matters we will only divulge it with your specific written consent.


There are certain situations in which we are legally obliged to give information about you. For instance, if you suffer from certain infectious diseases eg food-poisoning, we must report this to the public health authorities. Also, if we have concerns that a child may be being abused we are obliged to inform the statutory agencies.


If you have any questions or concerns about confidentiality or want to make specific choices about the use of your information, please ask to speak to Mrs Ellis (practice manager) or Dr Anita Oates.




We operate a practice-based complaints procedure, should you have any reason to complain regarding any aspect of the practice. Complaints should be made to Mrs Janine Ellis, the practice manager, in writing. Mrs Ellis will acknowledge your complaint and give you advice concerning the stages of the complaints procedure.

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